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Software, hardware and customized advice for your healthcare practice

eHEALTHSOFT offers doctors or health professionals IT solutions configured to your personal needs. Our dedicated team is always ready to carry out the implementation and updates needed to optimize the management of your practice.

Specializing in the medical sector... and in your specialty.

eHEALTHSOFT develops IT solutions for private practices, clinics and hospitals. However, our main focus is to provide specific solutions for medical centers, gynecology and radiology.


This Electronic Patient Record (EPR) software facilitates the daily management of your doctor's office with customized modules to your online calendar, bills, schedule, etc. that you can access from your Smartphone or tablet.


Designed with the needs of gynecologists in mind, this Electronic Patient Record (EPR) software offers an integrated system which simplifies the management of patient data and the scheduling of appointments, and also allows for the exchange of ultrasound and lab results, for example.


Developed specifically for radiologists, this friendly and versatile Radiology Information System (RIS) allows you to easily and safely record medical images online and distribute and share them with doctors and colleagues.

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