HealthSoft is an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) technology for doctors and specialists who want to simplify the collection of patient information plus streamline the daily management of their practices offices through a number of tailor-made modules.

Lab Results

Do you want to receive lab results quickly, and automatically link them to your patients’ records? This module does it in a split second.

Remote backup

Back up all patient records and save them online with this remote backup module, along with the relevant files and related documents. Now you can access your records from anywhere.


Streamline your bills, invoices and payments. This module facilitates the calculation of fees and the printing of certificates, and also allows you to fully consolidate third-party payment systems.


From ultrasound and mammography to radiography... Save, distribute and exchange all your medical images conveniently with colleagues – all online.


A calendar with a very advanced and detailed planning tool (often used by admin) for optimal scheduling of the practice and all its doctors.

Online calendar

This function is incorporated in the planning tool and allows your patients to make appointments online (at times that you determine). You can limit access to current patients.


Systematize your personal documents (letters, reports, etc.), digitize incoming mail and link them to your patients’ records. No more paper.


This is the mobile version of our software. Respond immediately to any requests in real time -- all the information you need is at your fingertips. Access all of our functions on your mobile anywhere and anytime.

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